"Follow the sound" is a project for the Museum of Ethical sciences (Museum Volkenkunde) in Leiden, developed during the minor virtual reality. It was developed for "Most Wanted", a soon to open exhibition about gang culture worldwide, with the experience bringing the focus to gang culture in slums of Brazil. The experience will tell the story of Funk Probidão, a sub-genre of Baile funk and a very popular genre at Baile Funk parties held by gangs in the favelas. The genre sings about the hard life in the favelas, oppression and the elevation of gang leaders such as Comando Vermelho. There are various perspectives on these parties. For outsiders these seem dangerous, but for the people living in the favelas these parties feel very safe. Based on these different perspectives we created an experience showing both sides without stereotyping. During the minor I mainly worked on modelling and character design and tasks surrounding this such as rigging, UV, skinning and animations. With my main focus on gather knowledge this semester, I tried to gain as much knowledge about the programs involved with VR and digital creation such as Maya and Unity and finding ways to implement programs I already have knowledge of, such a CLO 3D.