MAYA Learning how to work with Maya allowed me to gain a broad new skill set in the digital field. Apart from modelling, exploring character design allowed me to also go into skinning, rigging and mocap data transfer. Animation was also fun to get into, especially paired with CLO and Cinema 4D. The modelling for the houses did not change a lot on the visual side of things, but the technique behind it and the speed definitely did. In the experience the use a wireframe shader which makes that it reads every edge and made the planes in between invisible. The downside to this is that your models need to be very clean for them not to look too messy. Later on we luckily changed to a shader that had a fill for the empty space so that you could no longer see through the buildings and see all edges. With modelling came sculpting and I had a bit of fun with that in both Maya and Mudbox. To improve the quality of digital renders, I did some tests with different render materials in Maya. The metallic properties brought forth some nice effects, as well as the glowing materials.